Article 14

Article 14

Article 14 was the spectacular Youth Festival or MGU Kalolsavam 2020 conducted by Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, which took place at Al Azhar College, Thodupuzha. Article 14 refers to an individual’s equality before the law. I am not going to bore you with the Indian Constitution Lecture, if you do want to read up on it, here is the link:

Every year colleges celebrate Arts Day to create a platform for creative students to express their artistic talents. The winners of the Arts Day Programs can then compete with other college students. Here all the affiliates of Mahatma Gandhi University gathered at Thodupuzha for five days from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March to participate in about 60 different competitions!

Yes, as most of you are aware I participated in it as well. Here is the poem that I wrote for the Poetry Competition:

Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves - Poem by Mercy Hapsiba

I lay there still and numb,
The dead; dry and dull.
Light as the softest kisses,
Spread Sullen; invading the lands

Only distinguished by my finest scent
With my pinate leaves;
A Chameleon couldnot do it,
Colours dance the life out of me.

As my strength grew rarer,
Swiftly, but long; did I fall.
Dwelling of the Haunted.
Like the swirling of the sacred waters,
I swayed and settled.

A stampede, parade engages,
With no intervals of a split second,
Some scorn delightfully,
Others stare gleefully.

With every touch; I fear
My Living Corpse; pressed against, etched with
Rocks of misery, clouds of tears,
Twisted in agony, torn of boredom.

Once again thrown away,
Tormented by the toils of human,
Shrunken in a dream of thoughts,
Dismantled and disconnected,
I lay there still and numb.

A speck in the universe
thriving to be a beating heart,
amazement to the delirious mind;
Atlast spotted; stolen and saved.

Meeting the softest hands
With the finest touches,
The delirious eyes,
Gazing like the innocent.

Dusted and blowed gently over,
Patted with the kindest contact,
Pickled and preserved in her books.
Fallen leaves to pressed flowers.

Mercy Hapsiba

Blogger | Freelance Writer | Learner | Student
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Mercy Hapsiba

Freelance Writer~Blogger~Learner

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4 months ago

Congrats Mercy. Keep going..

3 months ago

Beautiful mercy